There’s a slide-out filter that’s washable, and the white unit has a patented gold fin anti-corrosion coating, which provides a layer of protection that helps the air conditioner last longer. That’s noteworthy because Magic Touch Mechanical has been installing mini-split ductless systems in Arizona for the last 20-years. I also saw that before but I just ignored it. Our latest condo billing included 14 days of use of the Kolin inverter aircon. Please keep me posted. They provide both heating and cooling and can be installed by a competent handy man. Also, ask the seller how much returns cost in terms of shipping, transportation, etc. Window air conditioners are still widely used in the Philippines. I change the mode from cool to fan. Before buying any air conditioner, it’s vital to have a few considerations in mind. I still experienced the savings and still happy with my unit even with my current setup. How many times did you have it cleaned? It was really helpful. Product Information Request For answers to questions regarding your Gree Ductless or PTAC product please fill out the form below. Besides questions like these, you’ll also likely want to consider the long-term cost of the product. -- edited by RohanBryle on Jul 16 2016, 08:53 AM PcCowboy02 on 19 Jul 16 @ 05:19 AM # :)I didn't notice a change in the sound/noise levels. After almost a year of contemplating on the switch to inverter air conditioners, we finally decided to buy one last March 4, 2017. If I remember correctly, our room is just 18 sq. ft. = 16.7 sq. actually im very impressed how quite it is more than the carrier. Hitachi .75hp inverter or kolin 1hp inverter? What do you think? I have the same unit purchased 2 weeks ago. Carrier Philippines is the world’s leading air expert. if it is more than tight enough that the housing's natural shape gets pushed inwards, it can sometimes produce noise esp to the blower. :) I'm really glad I switched to inverter. we're planning to buy the same unit this month. m.If window type aircon, 1HP should be enough already. High pressure based dito.., Sir, ok lang po ba kung laging naka set thermostat ko sa cool mode tapos nasa 27° or 28°..matipid parin po ba yun sa electricity? your compressor speed will drop once you reach the desired temperature. For the next setting, the thermostat was still at 24 ℃ but the fan speed was now at medium. You won't regret the decision sir. :). price and after sales service will dictate. :). Additionally, it comes with a remote and 24-hour timer that lets you decide when to turn the unit on or off. Our room size po is L 11ft × W 12ft × H 10ft. Thank u po. Some people tell me to get the 1.5hp model. Now, let's check the noise level of the Kolin aircon. Nice share! Thanks for reminding me of that feature. Shopping smartly means taking multiple factors into account to find the best air conditioner for your individual cooling needs. About product and suppliers: Find reliable, efficient and authentic gree air conditioner price of distinct types such as split, portable, windows, and ceiling ACs, at Believe it. HI,I am planning to buy the Kolin 1-hp window-type inverter aircon (KAG-110RSINV model). Haven't encountered that. From what I know, 1hp ang lowest ni Kolin. The larger the room space, the greater the unit’s BTU must be to effectively cool it. For instance, the best air conditioner for rooms with 150 to 250 square feet of space would generate about 6,000 BTUs per hour. alin ba sa inyo ang best aircon available dito sa philippines ngayon? I was planning of buying a new unit for the other room pero hindi na, i wont recommend it. So I thought maybe because we still used the old non inverter aircon for the 1st 15 days, and used this new one for the 2nd half. I have been using Kolin 1.5hp or a year. hi, did everyone here used the drain pan?