Because of the 1.13 update on manifests, adding the min_engine_version, theoretically Astral will work in any version above 1.13, since that I set it to [ 1, 13, 0 ] so it should have backwards compatibility. Welcome everyone to the Astral V2.1 Release!This update is also known as the "Improvement Update" in which many aspects of the pack have been improved as well as the mb size of Astral.CHANGELOG:1. UsefulMods Addon. The moon has a distinct box around it. The default will now be the default Minecraft resource pack, so that it uses YOUR resource pack's GUI textures. Will do! And in the normal minecraft pack (original resource) there is a setting when you make the world that says “Respawn Radius” and I can’t fint it in your pack… Did you remove it? Select the world, click edit, and at the bottom of the options there is Delete option. plz add textures for netherite stuff. Hello, for some reason the transparent chest, inventory ect. 5. Vertex Client PE is … ITS SO AWESOME! Pause Screen - Brand new pause screen to match with the Java Edition screen. 7. If playing with a phone, the “done” button can’t be pushed some buttons but there is a workaround(phone’s back button). - Player doll renderer is now on top-most left. Pause Screen - Pause Screen design overhaul, to match similarly to the Java Edition Badlion Client (Suggestion by Jash) - Re-arranged the buttons, please take time to familiarize them! - Matched the homescreen to look similarly to the Java Edition Lunar Client. Blackstone ore and ancient debris don’t have a border around it like the other ores, but im sure it’s because your not updating the beta which is fine, take your time. I like this pack! Its not working after i activate the resource pack only the backround image i only see no play button and others please help me? Are you on iOS? - Added blur to the panorama.- Brand new logo, as well as text, and they're separated.2. Wish this would work on xbox. - Added the multiplayer options back.3. Let me know if this helped! I don’t know if it’s just me but in the last v5 update the menu that was transparent before now looks like the normal game and I don’t know if it’s from my game or the pack in general,also the textures cannot be put from the world options if you already have v5 activated from the main configuration. - The HUD will now show on containers/screens. You can this is how On Xbox Go To Store Find My Files Explorer its paid use trial and make alts to keep using it unpaid I paid for it once you got app go to 3 lines at top of app and add usermgr0 and then go to downloads get ur pack copy it then u go to isolated storage look for packages make sure ur not in insider or packages wont show up find minecraft uwp then localstate and games com.mojang then make resource_pack folder and paste it in btw it’s not a global resource it’s only for world resource packs sry. Is Frosty’s pack separated from Astral client now? Just waiting for mcpedl to approve it. Subpacks - Added a purple version for Astral. I have changed names, (because I was trolling on a server now I can’t revert back because too many users using that name). HEY! I’d like to agree with you. Does it work with a controller? If you have a computer, use your computer to copy the files to your Xbox instead. Can U Change the Crosshair For Windows 10?? You should make outlines for the ui for the Crafting Table because i cant see what’s where in my inventory and i cant see where my crafting is, I love the settings and options that this pack enables, however I dislike the colours, font , UI elements and textures the pack changes from the vanilla game. Set the textures correctly and then write a comment. Browse and download Minecraft Bedwars Texture Packs by the Planet Minecraft community. I’m sorry, but the textures work on the phone. Although you stole the textures from Ice, you did a much better job of porting it to bedrock than Krynotic. Pls tell me when v6 is coming out,its taken so long i hope there is sum gud features 4 makin me wait in suspense¯\_(ツ)_/¯»»————>(*´﹀`*). It was created as a simple solution in situations with reduced FPS, as well as to give the player a wider range of options not available in the original game. But i have a suggestion can u add a fps counter just that nothing else I hope i could have been a help. Thank You. What the? don’t they specify it’s not an actual client in the description? - Added links since some users were experiencing download issues with Mediafire. ADDONS. The wardrobe should be the old skin picker for pc because we like to use capes PLEASE do update this as soon as possible Also the UI is just amazing. It might be better to zoom in on something you cant make out. How do you switch gamemode ingame without commands?? Font - Removed the smooth font (Not the NotoSans, but the 32x) - To access it, enable Astral GUI textures.10. The client is amazing! Then you hit ctrl v to the desired text box like google docs and mcpe dl submissions. All the subpacks, the settings section (from RanchDiverseMCPE), the transparent GUI, and more. . Can anybody tell me… HOW TF TO DELETE WORLDS?? Did anyone notice that the achievement button is advancement not achievement, Because in Java Edition, They change the achivement button to advancement idk why, I keep getting error 404 when downloading pls fix. nice. Our pack currently doesn’t support xbox yet so there is no way to download it for now. And thats it? can you make it go to mediafire? nooooooooooooo what do you mean by there are 3 other texture packs? Download Description Files Relations 1.16.X version in the works. Also for me it’s quicker to change settings and more simple. Great client, but outlines don’t work that well and when you play on controller, you can’t click on play or anything like that, you have to manually type it. I really liked the sounds!. Thank you for someone who mentioned this on my discord server. A much more cleaner user interface.2. then don’t get it? i was wondering if it has been tested or confirmed? This is for better compatabilitywith your texture pack and for people who don't like the custom inventory layout. I love this pack.. problem is it removes the numbers in the scoreboard.. im a mapmaker and I hate it when thats gone.. can u pls tell me how to remove it.. like tell me what files in the pack to delete? yea i think you should make 2 version of java ui and normal ui because java ui dont looks good I think, i like bedrock because of the ui and i hate the java ui, I think the Java ui completes the feel of being on Lunar client on Java and would hate to see the Java menu go. Unfortunately they lag devices (especially low-end) and is the opposite of what Astral is doing. it’s full bright because when i used full bright same thing happened and all clients that use full bright happen to do the same. The inventory is buggy (sub categories shows black background instead of transparent), The storage section is missing, please add it. May I ask which files are in the Java interface? This is amazing. The link for v2 isn’t there but still amazing, idk if im doing some thing wrong but the only download links r for V1 and i cant find the link to download V2. You select the world then press edit, then you can delete the world. And for Guest-8668, there are colored selection packs on mcpedl. Windows DOWNLOAD Supports Windows XP and up, 64 and 32 bit. More Info. ??? The wardrobe is the only thing wrong with this client in my opinion Everything else is amazing. yea i m agree there is no java type client. Play Screen- Transparent Disconnected Screen!- The logo will no longer show when connecting to servers and worlds.4. Its mainly the inventory part of it. yeah I noticed it too, I think you can fix it manually. btw i really liked the fulling transparent bossbar. Please fix it! Only thing I DO NOT like is definitely not being able to change UI profile in a world/server and I have to remove astral so I can add textures to worlds. Rendering- Removed fast grass (Source of lag, actually. just put a texture pack on top of the client. 3. Download links should now be updated to V2. (This is massive)6. I have question,how can i call a texture pack a client? Thank you. Can You Please Add The Better Drop Item like The Badlion Client??? DUDE! i looked in uias files and did it for myself,but i think everybody will be glad to see this thing too!