17. Stephanie made this when she was pregnant and spent some quiet time thinking about the baby that was wriggling away as she worked the 36 rounds. Simple Solid Granny square by Kristie-Beth is a simple yet textured square that is quite easy to make and looks great in solid colors. Since this handsome throw is made of individual blocks, it’s the perfect project to work on while waiting for the kids at soccer practice or for your appointment at the doctor’s office. 20 x 20 cm = 8” x 8”. For this pattern, you’ll be working in rounds as you practice treble crochet and double crochet to complete the floral motif granny squares. A granny square baby blanket may not be suitable because of the holes, which can trap breathing and feeding tubes, fingers and even arms and legs. This cute little square is just made for a crochet baby blanket, or for some nursery decor! Composed using a series of squares, half squares and quarter squares that are joined together to create a latticework design, this crochet afghan is a showpiece of warmth and style. Suitable for both beginners and more seasoned crocheters, this colorful crochet blanket lets you master the beloved granny square while adding a playful accent to your space. Unless you’re making a granny square with a fancy design in the center, you can really make your squares as big or as small as you’d like. When making a crochet baby blanket, using granny squares is a fast, flexible and attractive choice. It’s the perfect way to start your journey – simple, quick to make and versatile. If you want to make a square baby blanket, you have the choice of any of the designs featured here. Learn new craft techniques and tips from the experts. Since it’s acrylic you’ll need to steam block. Hi Everyone! Mediterranean squares free crochet pattern, beautiful and intricate crochet pattern. A granny square is always a square motif that may come in any size, and it is gained by starting crocheting in the round then to finish it off with a square boundary line or to trim! Traditional granny squares are typically small squares that are later sewn together to create a blanket whether it be a baby blanket or a larger blanket … The striking design of this contemporary throw is at once both playful and sophisticated. Materials Thanks for sharing! The final granny square baby blanket is 34″ x 40″ and has 42 squares (seven on one side, six on the other). 1 square measures approx. Here is how I added my border and how to join the squares! I have 2 skeins. A good starting size is 30″ square, but a 34″ square would double as both a receiving and a swaddling blanket. To make this crochet baby blanket look like tartan the trick is to use two main colors that produce another shade where… A receiving blanket is 34″– 36″ square. Again with bright tones, you start with a large square and then add rounds of varying thickness for a rich, vibrant and cozy blanket. Granny square pattern afghans can be made as one large, continuing granny square or by combining many smaller crochet granny squares. Reply Delete. The individual squares are worked in one color and then joined together in a random design before bordering with more basic granny crochet. I wanted to keep the blanket simple and modern so I added a simple and solid border to finish out this baby blanket. The pattern is easy to follow and gives you all the information you need to make your own stunning Granny Square blanket. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. A traditional granny-square crochet blanket is updated with an on-trend, buffalo plaid-inspired color scheme to provide a toasty layer of warmth. Otherwise, a blanket 30″ – 36″ x 50″– 54″ will work well. Baby blanket. Saved by The Snugglery . Round 1 … Featuring a quintessential mid-century pattern (and palette), this crochet blanket is sure to become a showstopper in any modern home! You can put several on each set of 4 skewers, then get … Solid colour blocks granny square baby blanket If you want to make a larger or rectangular blanket, this gorgeous design by Janette Williams of The Green Dragonfly is one to check out. We love it as designed, but you can swap out shades for ones that match your space. A traditional granny-square crochet blanket is updated with an on-trend, buffalo plaid … Granny Square Baby Blanket Pattern. Traditional granny square blanket patterns to crochet with a bit of a twist for maintaining interest. Here is a granny square pattern that gives you the classic granny square look, but without the extremely large holes and gaps between stitches. Pattern comes with a pillow pattern to match the blanket. Follow the pattern here. How to make a solid granny square rectangle crochet pattern. Here’s a fun and colorful granny stripe blanket that you’ll be able to … Double Diamond Granny Square Blanket The increases in these solid granny squares are decorative as well as practical – they make the diamond motif once the blanket is stitched together. This is the smallest blanket at around 18″ square. Over 20+ Free Granny Square Blanket Patterns to Crochet. Featuring a button-up design and handy carrying strap, enjoy this perfect blanket from bleachers to box seats! This size of blanket is also perfect as a lap-ghan or a wheelchair blanket for adult use. Used when out and about, this needs to be 24″ – 26″ x 30″. Blanket with crochet squares for Christmas. It would look equally at home in either a casual or classy setting. A baby would love to snuggle up with this blanket during quiet times, but the large blocks of bright color make this a perfect playtime companion. Designed in cool cotton yarn, this is the ideal girl’s baby blanket. We’ve used modern shades for today’s contemporary looks, but the pattern can be customized to feature any colors that make this throw perfect for you. Easy crochet afghan solid square pattern. Chain 25 (24+1), SC in third chain from hook, *skip one chain, 2 SC in next, repeat from * until the end of your chain except you will need to make only one SC in the last chain, Chain 1, … Featuring the classic granny square pattern in various exciting new colors and formats. Solid Granny Square Blanket As far as the lifespan of a ball of yarn goes, this Stylecraft has gotten off to a busy start! I do have a more detailed, photo tutorial for both pieces of this blanket – How to Crochet a Solid Granny Square ; How to Join Granny Squares using the Single Crochet Method. A stroller blanket can double as a bassinet blanket, or you could go slightly smaller: 16″ x 30″. The humble crochet granny square is often the first project on the hook for would-be crocheters. For this option, we’ve combined a patchwork quilt design with the wonderful marled effect of Caron Marble Cakes, to create an updated crochet throw of warmth and style. You can either make one large square or use many smaller squares joined together with a border all round. This pattern uses the concept of the granny square to create a blanket. CROCHET: How to join solid granny squares, Bella Coco. Solid Grit Stitch Granny Square Pattern Pattern works in multiples of 2+1 Finished size: approximately 6×6. MITERED SOLID GRANNY SQUARE PATTERN Chain 3, join with a ss into 1st ch to make a circle. Irish crochet flower baby blanket with granny squares, great for using up your yarn scraps. They begin to add up quickly, so satisfying to finish one and add another to the rest. This is one of the most popular joints among the granny square. 5 out of 5 stars. A bit like this tutorial that I used for my large granny square blanket border which kept everything nice and flat. Some square feature a flower motif in bright colors while other squares have flowers in the gorgeous creamy color used for joining and bordering. The granny square is such a classic design and so many things can be made with just this simple pattern. A few weeks ago I did a video tutorial of the Traditional Granny Square, but I also talked a little bit about how 'officially' a granny square is any motif worked flat, in a square, from the center out. Solid Granny Square Stitch Pattern. I love this design because it’s striking, useful and because you are using larger bands of color — not too many pesky ends to weave in! Zip. Once you’ve made one of these solid granny squares, you won’t need a pattern – perfect for tossing in your bag for an on-the-go crochet project! This easy crochet blanket boasts a classic solid granny square motif that’s worked in double crochet. 7 Comments to [Free Pattern] Rectangle Granny Square Blanket- Patterns For All Sizes Of Afghans DJ Hernandez on October 8, 2018 20:49:32 I have a queen size bed that I want to make a throw for that will only cover the top of the mattress. Make a whole bunch and you can use them for anything from granny square blankets, to hot water bottles, to wall art. But this blanket could easily be made larger with more rounds before the simple border, and you could switch out the colors. This is not a complete list by any means, but it includes the various names of different types of baby blanket and the approximate sizes, from largest to smallest. Photo via Lauren Brown of Daisy Cottage Designs. It’s safe to say that here, right? A granny square baby blanket made from small, individual motifs joined together is ideal. The overall look is crisp and playful, making this throw an amazing way to refresh a room! Materials: Paintbox Simply Aran Yarn in Washed Teal (232), Slate Gray (205), and Paper White (200) –I crochet hook; Notes: Scissors and Tapestry Needle; dc cluster = 3 dc into the same stitch; Buy the ad-free, print friendly granny square baby blanket pattern here in my Etsy Shop. How about this fabulously easy large granny square baby blanket by Craftsy member Crochet Me Lovely? Reviewed by Anonymous Feb 23, 2012. If you try researching the perfect baby blanket size, you’ll be overwhelmed with loads of different opinions about types and sizes. With the perfect solid granny square pattern below, I stop mine at Round 5, making it around 5 inches. <12 tr, 4 ch-3> Round 1: ch 3 (counts as tr here and throughout), 2 tr in centre circle, *ch 3, 3 tr, repeat from * twice more, ch 3, join with ss in top of ch-3. A lovely pattern from Craftsy member SewHooked, this pattern uses larger granny squares with a central flower motif in a selection of lovely pastel shades, all surrounded by a textured crochet border. But don’t be put off. Giant Granny Square Afghan via Craftsy member Crochet Me Lovely. I tried various phrases: “how to crochet a flat border solid granny squares” “solid granny square border” “solid granny square border pattern” “double crochet border” blah blah blah. Granny hugs is a traditional granny square blanket with black borders and colorful on the inside, perfecting for using up your scrap and leftover yarns. Skill Level - Easy If you want to crochet something special that you can keep, whether you have some crochet experience or are just learning to crochet this kit comes with all the beautiful soft lambswool yarn you need, a Pony crochet hook and easy to follow instructions to make your own stunning granny square blanket. This pattern is available on the Lion Brand Yarn website (you’ll need an account), and you can read more about it on Stephanie’s blog. What a great way to make something beautiful and useful while preparing to welcome a new baby into the family! If you want to make something a bit bolder and brighter still, how about this gorgeous free pattern from Lion Brand, which has been made so beautifully by Stephanie Lau of All About Ami. Feel free to replace them with the colors of your choosing. Classic granny square free crochet pattern, play around with colors to create different effects. Brightly colored squares accented with contrasting-color popcorn flowers are arranged in a diagonal striping pattern in this stunning floral throw. Solid Granny Square This solid granny square starts from a double crochet circle and it has treble crochet with chain stitches at the corners. SLIP STITCH JOIN METHOD [Photo and Tutorial Source: Attic 24] Sue made her blanket with six squares on each side (36 in total), but you could make this style into any size granny square baby blanket. If you want to crochet a granny square this step by step tutorial can be the the perfect guide for you.