Individuals with skills in all these areas are hard to come by! Many of the courses may overlap (more in some schools than in others). Finance majors need skills in math, analyzing data, formulating strategies, and communicating well. Double Degree in Management & Finance (BBA) and Statistics—Quantitative Finance Stream (BSc) Program Summary Recent developments in finance, including innovative products and technologies such as FinTech and Robo Advising, favour an education that transcends traditional boundaries. I'm currently major in Finance and I was just wondering which one would be more helpful for my future, and which one will benefit me most. This may make it an approachable task. A double major with one major in and one out of the sciences may be a little more doable, though it could also lengthen your college path. Before I dive into the reasons to double major, let me briefly touch upon the 2 majors I think every college student should pursue. It is not uncommon for advisors to discourage double majors like these. Students who do well in their courses may complete an additional year of study to obtain an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science which provides opportunity for … Double-majoring is thought to broaden your horizons and give you more career options. Listed in no particular order, here are the top 10 double major combinations students at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business feel will help with their careers.. 1. A2A. When I considered changing majors to computer science at one point, when I inquired I found out that I would be unable to transfer credits from my science classes it was a no-go. Major: Accounting/finance (or, if your university doesn’t have these specific majors, something that has coursework in these areas). A new look at seven years of U.S. census data tells us that there may be a financial benefit as well. Hello! Minor: Computer science, math, or statistics. Recently, I decided that will try to pursue a major in computer science, mainly because it had 4 of the main things I was looking for in a major: 1) it's future proof, 2) it's in demand, and 3) it's versatile and 4) generally you can make a pretty nice living with it. People have been telling me that math and computer science are similar, and that math prepares you for CS. Is it worth it to double major in math and computer science? I know that this thread has been around this site before, but I just want advice that is a little more specific to my case. It is probably one of the most common double majors there is. It’s also not uncommon for students to double major in math and computer science. Major 1 : A major that you are passionate about. Having to be this good with numbers and future thinking also puts this in the running for hardest college major. I have a couple of options here as listed from the title. Students who earn a double major in computer science and finance should have the analytical skills needed to pursue a career as a financial analyst. The curriculum at the time was built w/ prerequisites in such a way that you pretty much had to follow a 4 year plan from day one to graduate on time, which was important. For example, a double major in Chemistry and English requires two distinctly different tracks that rarely intersect, so it could take an extra year to get to the finish line. Hi, I just have a question regarding double major vs major+minor.