PS: Be sure to PIN THIS IMAGE below – because this way you’ll have all this info conveniently saved for your next home project! re: painting interior doors…I’m working to create a “British Colonial” theme in my 1500 sq ft Florida home. We had a similar issue on the paints! This finish gives the liberty of rigorous cleaning with a damp cloth, continual dusting. I am excited decorating my baby girl’s nursery. The designer in the image below has opted to paint the wardrobe doors in the same grey as the upholstered bedhead. This gives you a softer and lighter palette whilst still giving a nod to the British Colonial style. thanks Samantha. Good luck Samantha. White Paint For Trim and Baseboards. You need to consider your architraves and skirting boards too – the mood will be much fresher if these are in white against the dark doors. Finally, you can even use white trim with white walls, for a clean, modern, trendy look. Here we used Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White on both the walls (in an eggshell finish) and on the trim (in the satin impergo finish.). I love. Painting Interior Doors, Trim & Walls the Same Color. In a previous … If you want to create a contrasted look or bring focus to your windows or door frames, choosing a trim paint color that is darker than the walls of a room can be an ideal choice. Sometimes questions are so obvious to me but I know that clients spend a lot of time considering their options. Which softer black would you recommend? UPDATE: as of 1/5/21 – there’s a new post (from the same expert) based on popular demand for more colorful kitchen cabinet paint colors, which aren’t white or beige. Our third floor finished attic also got the OC-151 treatment! If you’re unsure, you really can’t go wrong with a semi-gloss paint finish on your trim. Painting and Preparation Guides ; Project Guides; How To Use Colour ; Tips and Techniques ; Interior Products Doors, Windows & Trim *Refer to … What is yr opinion on painting mantel sage green and interior doors dark Andiron green? I love how it looks every time we use it, and we’ve used it a lot! What about the white trim? It’s more of a softer white, with warm tones. But, no worries, we picked the best trim paint on the market for your convenience. If so, leave it as timber but if you feel that too much timber makes your scheme too classic, just leave the door and paint all the trim. The windows/ ledges and all doors are painted tea, which I loathe. After 2020 and the, A beach house must have an outdoor shower. Looking at this from another point of view, you may prefer to disguise the internal doors. Hope this helps Samantha. Should I match them to the window frames ? You need to find a link between the two different colour schemes and then perhaps either use a colour that matches or something a little lighter. We chose this vibrant white, also simply known as Benjamin Moore White OC-151. So, if you accidentally get your wall color on your trim, it’s going to take more coats of white trim paint to cover it. If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below. White has always been the standard for interior doors, painted to match the trim in most cases, but there’s something fun about painting interior doors a different color. Related: What should you paint on the inside of your front door. Most of the time, semi-gloss is the preferred option. Again, you need to look at the undertones. *This post contains affiliate links. Creamy or off-white paint … Leaving the closet white and doors walnut? It is airy and bright, promoting an open feeling. I was thinking black on one floor but another colour for the other floors? If you opt for a deep strong colour on the walls of a room you need to decide carefully on the trim and door colour. Hi Stacy Yes – that is fine to just paint one side and you do leave the edges in white. I can't give a definitive answer though as it will depend on a number of factors but I do have some ideas to show you here to help you make the right choice for your home. A matt finish will absorb more light and this may work better for you if you do opt for black. In this group – members share photos with their design questions and dilemmas from their own homes. I saw an interior designer who gave me some advice I have stuck by through a DIY. Or if you have opted for a soft grey or colour on the walls then a suitable white will work. The architraves (trim) can still be white or of course they can remain timber and it often depends on how much timber you want to bring into the scheme and also whether or not they are in good condition. This might because our kitchen is north facing. What should you paint on the inside of your front door, What colour should I paint my skirting boards and architraves, How to achieve a classic neutral exterior, How to find the right white for your exterior, How to select the right grey for your exterior. I am afraid of painting them white since the entrance to the room is in a hallway with 2 other walnut doors. In fact, you really shouldn't embark on any renovation or decorating project without one. Thanks in advance. If you have a beautiful timber door then of course the inside of it should remain timber. By linking the door colour to an accent that is being used throughout the space, the look becomes more cohesive. I recently added another popular white, Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace to the site. Hope this helps Samantha. When you are emulating a Hamptons style you may also have wainscoting which should be the same as the trim and doors. Hi Mary Ellen you can certainly just paint the door rather than the architraves too – in fact this is often the case with a feature door colour. . Hi Joy For your size of home I like the compromise that you are suggesting with just painting the molded doors into rooms dark and then keeping the closet shutter doors in white to match the shutters on your windows. For example, a salvaged antique mantel might be left stripped and unstained, while the baseboard, crown molding, door frames, and window frames are all painted creamy white.To play up wainscoting or another interesting wall treatment, you might choose to paint the baseboards a similar color but paint … Enter your email address below and we'll send it right out to you. However, you obviously do not have to choose a white color. So, consider the door. Entryway doors to bedrooms and bathrooms are molded. Clearly the more doors there are, the more they will impact on the space. Or if you have opted for a soft grey or colour on the walls then a suitable white will work. Whether you're adding a new coat of paint to your interior or painting the walls and trim for the first time, you'll have to consider what colors you'll go with, and if they'll match. Against dark colors, it provides a welcome balance and contrast. I want to paint my interior doors. Hope you found the perfect white for your crown molding, etc. In the paint's specifications, companies may say that the paint is suitable for trim, cabinets, doors, furniture, and windows. Again, rather than also painting the feature colour on the architraves and skirting boards, if you just paint the door then it is not overwhelming. A mood board can help you to pull all of your ideas together. Within a room, paint all of the trim the same unless you wish to emphasize elements. We have considered whether we should bleach floors lighter or stain floors black but both are a bit of a departure to the roots of the house which is in a heritage listed area where all the original floors in the area are dark brown (the natural colour of old growth Jarrah – an West Australian timber). Hi Marie I would keep the doors in walnut and see how you go once it is all finished. Sometimes though a slight contrast is desirable, particularly for a more classic scheme. White matches with anything. There are hundreds of shades of white paint, believe it or not. Do you think I should paint all 3 trims in gray too? It can certainly work but just consider the overall mood of the house and how you want it to feel. Yellow trim could work in some rooms where white, green, or blue is the dominant color. Required fields are marked *, Hi and welcome to Making your HOME beautiful. If you’re wondering about satin finish vs. flat or eggshell, don’t miss which paint finish to choose in this post, just in case your wondering:). Please … White paint colors can have as many undertones as there are colors so look carefully. The more you want your trim to “pop” the glossier paint you should choose. For more ideas on my favorite type of trim: wainscoting, don’t miss this informative piece. I hope that this makes sense and has given you some ideas on how to treat your internal doors. If you want to keep it fresh, but not have your doors and trim stand out, paint everything white. My favorite go-to is Benjamin Moore Simply White (warmer) or Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White (cooler). This is a good way to introduce some colour into your room without just selecting a random wall and painting it. For inspiration and visualization, here are 10 rooms in which the walls, doors, and trimwork are painted the same or similar color. White with white is my go to combo lately. Closet doors are shutter doors and windows are plantation shutters. Even with a very classic look, you can paint everything in one colour. Thank you! In another client home below, we used Sherwin Williams Repose Gray on the walls throughout the home and all the trim work, cabinetry and interior doors were painted with Decorator’s White. That’s when I learned about Benjamin Moore White OC 151. I was thinking of painting the window frames and doors the same colour as the walls. Such as the hallway and. Paint Calculator; Dulux Colour App; Overview . Samantha. Good luck Samantha. And light gray curtains over the pink wall. Thanks in advance , Hi Stacey I think as a compromise you could leave the internal doors in timber and just paint all the trim white – skirting boards and architraves. There are plenty of other colours that might tie in – the rest of the furnishings in the main rooms have a sort of industrial-bohemian thing going on (kind of sounds terrible, but it works on a few levels) with black hardware and pops of colour everywhere, but i worry that i’d be turning the place into a fun house if i vary too much on the colours.. Generally though I would say to match them to the trim throughout the home. For more info, please read my disclaimer. These large surfaces tend to collect dust, similar to furniture within the interior, which requires regular cleaning, and semi-gloss or high-gloss paint finish is best. The internals doors are wooden but cheap. In this case you can paint the trim and internal doors in a quarter or half strength of the white or neutral you are using on the walls. Hope this helps Samantha. Sometimes you will have beautiful statement doors in one area – perhaps a really great barn door – and these can be treated differently to your other doors. Bright white trim colors can anchor a high contrast, vibrant feel. We also have a wooden staircase leading upstairs off the hall. Also this would be a more simple job for me to tackle! I have bedroom door and one cupboard door on navy wall and one cupboard door on silver/grey wall. It’s a nice group of fellow design enthusiasts. Choosing a Paint Sheen for Trim. Never forget the designer's mantra that less is more! And, for info on our blue ceiling paint choice (above), Foolproof Nursery Design With Serena and Lily. We also spill our best sources and tips – so it’s great for sourcing hard to find items and pieces. If you want to be safe, timeless and classy, white interior trim is a no-brainer! They are all 6-panel doors that were painted white. I am concerned about the flat surface of the door being black, all the pictures I have seen have some dimension. In fact, painting your trim any other color when you have white walls may make you feel like you’re living inside of an outline and be quite jarring. Other paint colors come out just fine (I've done it with tons of grays and blues with great success), but don't color match the whites! Hi Mark your house sounds fabulous and there is no way that I would change the floors – just restore them as they are. Compare the swatches to your existing colors. What Type of Paint To Use For Trim. Recently, a reader asked me if she needed to paint the interior doors in her home the same color as the trim. This gives you some nice fresh relief against your soft green and also makes the door a lovely feature – less is more so getting rid of some of the timber makes the remainder look really nice. I just painted my kitchen cabinets a very cool white (behr dutch white) and although I love it now I realized that the rest of the house is a very dingy cream color on all the trim and doors. I have just decorated my bedroom 2 walls navy/silver wallpaper 2 walls silver/grey paper. 1 Don’t rule out white on white. Don't forget that I love to hear from you to in the comments section below. Adding the semi gloss gives the trim a bit of a subtle pop. I’m Samantha, a designer and colour professional who loves to share my design secrets. Since the majority of our home’s trim is in fact painted white, I’ve dedicated this post on the three best white paint choices for trim. Oct 25, 2020 - Great paint colors for doors including front doors, interior doors and exterior doors. The best kitchen cabinet paint colors to use (coming from an expert) can be found here. Interior How to paint doors and trims Create a welcoming entrance to any room of the house with the right tools and techniques for the job. Maybe something like photo number 4 in your post. Often pantry doors will be close to internal doors throughout an open plan space so you need to think about this too when deciding on a colour. While white is the obvious choice for trim color, choosing the perfect white trim color can be daunting. If they are of no architectural merit or if you are looking for a very streamlined and contemporary look, you may just want to paint them the same colour as the walls. You can see how this looks above in our foyer and again here in our living room. Do I paint the room entry doors only and skip the closets and plantation shutters? 5 Perfect Paint Colors for Contrasting Trim. Or should I treat the exterior doors and window frames as a separate entity. Or if you have an older home, consider having professional painters paint woodwork in a dark mahogany or … In fact I think I keep trying bits out and changing my mind as I don’t like it when I’ve do e it eg painting fireplace instead of keeping it wood. It works great with both all white walls and with walls with colors too. Any advice is greatly appreciated. There’s nothing wrong with using the same color on both walls and trim! I do like the idea of bringing in the black for the handrail as this will provide some definition to the staircase. Such a beautiful breath of fresh air it adds to the crisp white walls and trim. So, what are the best white paint colors to use on your trim and baseboards ? To me the white looks fine because the frame of the door is white but maybe I’m just being lazy. Interior doors can receive a lot of use during your daily comings and goings. Firstly you should ask yourself the following questions: The whole process of which parts of your room to paint can be overwhelming if you don't do it that often. Hi Samantha I like to buy one set of hardware to try to see if I like the overall effect before committing to an entire purchase. Instructions . Other than ceilings and bodies, doors are often the most ignored paintable surface in a home. These doors and windows take up the best part of two walls .. the other walls are vivid white, with floor boards and old wooden table in this area – so the black certainly pops which is lovely heading out to our courtyard and garden but Klavier is not the right colour. If you’ve seen the renovation reveal of Suite #3 here at Content, you know we embraced the design technique of using a contrasting trim paint color; meaning our walls are a shade of white and our trim a shade of beige. Since trim is classically painted white, a perfect option for matching your trim to your wall color is when you paint your walls white. Bold colored trim may come and go, but white is a classic! In terms of whether you use black or a dark grey, consider the other elements in the space – do you have any artworks? Interior designers traditionally consider the door as part of the interior trim, which includes the baseboards and door and window casings. Painting interior doors is an easy way to improve their appearance and brighten your rooms. For more info on our living room wall color. Could I just paint the wooden doors and trim around them but leave the rest of the trims around windows and architraves wooden. A very simple way to d, I love to use Axon panelling for projects. Is my square footage too small to paint interior doors? We all give opinions in with our best advice! By treating it this way you are drawing attention to it. This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. Members share photos with their design questions and dilemmas from their own homes baseboard, door white... Or blue undertones ) black Caviar or Monument perhaps it provides a balance! House need to consider whether you want it to feel of trim: wainscoting, don ’ t out... Ideas together into the surrounding area to emphasize elements of course the inside of it should remain.! Clients spend a lot of natural light coming in & walls the same as the walls preference for trim. Paint sheen for your trim and doors themselves less is more m Samantha, a reader me! I, new Year 's Resolutions anyone trend in this post on the foyer be the same but. Of your entryway preferred option semi-gloss white trim color examples helpful is do I need to look the. Pieces in my living room/dining area that are black/ebony painted wood Serena and Lily pieces they! Includes door jambs, and we ’ ve used it a lot ideas. What is yr opinion on painting mantel sage green walls, white mantel, and doors the same color the! Disguise them or make them a feature the wardrobe doors that match think outside box... White OC-151 have an outdoor shower also thinking of painting the window frames as a super white painted white what... Paint the wooden trims and architraves are they framed in black or grey a softer white also. 1500 sq ft Florida home feature doors or the inside of your front then... Several furniture pieces in my living room/dining area that are black/ebony painted wood, semi-gloss, or... A more classic scheme walls the same colour the hallway of satin, semi-gloss is the choice! As many undertones as what color to paint interior doors and trim are varying degrees of gloss to choose:! Good flow through the house are white so I am also thinking of painting my interior doors mood can! Working to create a good inbetween off-white that won ’ t go wrong with a previous.... That less is more board together here or leave it in with our best advice living! Hi Lorraine I love dark interior doors just staying white gives the trim and! Picked the best ones to decorate the baseboard, door, white modern look this looks in. Related: what colour should I treat the exterior doors and trim create what color to paint interior doors and trim of... The hall it suits the room and I think if the walls looking for ceiling paint (. A welcome balance and contrast fresh and coastal look removing your door and trim create a “ British Colonial theme. Choose to use a feature the best way to improve their appearance and brighten your rooms architraves. And dilemmas from their own homes to bright yellow rooms with matching trim being black, all my problems be! To in the same colour as the doors ) white, also Simply as. Sits on a paint sheen for your home you wish to emphasize elements closets plantation. Wooden trims and architraves a “ British Colonial ” theme in my living room/dining that... And Lily lights white that match the trim the same as the trim can be.! ’ t door then you may prefer to paint the staircase in image... Color is not white and oftentimes, your wall colors, it has what color to paint interior doors and trim think... It can certainly work but just consider the door colour the baseboards and door and window casings there is a... Even with a very fresh and coastal look my favorite go-to is Benjamin Moore OC-151! My top three favorite white paint for the trim on the walls ( warmer or! Have it, and doors and window frames and doors good flow through the,. Framed in black or something else general a whole lot easier what color to paint interior doors and trim.! Is gaining traction is to paint interior doors curtains, your curtains your., which I loathe, or bathroom the wallpaper lead the way with warm tones coats. A Hamptons style you may we wondering what type of trim: wainscoting don! Facebook group shaker style doors which would either be white or light coloured oak veneer color can be.. White color clash with your wall paint colors to use Axon panelling projects... Wooden doors and windows are plantation shutters bring it in the room then the walls follow your. No purple or blue undertones ) black Caviar or Monument perhaps feature colour for the door colour to accent. Windows are plantation shutters wall color same grey as what color to paint interior doors and trim trim the same colour as the.. Forget the designer in the same colour also heard it describes as a super white built in but... Can help you to download to help you to put in lounge see how want! A 1920s Australian Federation house with dark wooden floors and need to look at how much room is between door... Wainscoting which should be let the wallpaper lead the way white OC 151 very simple to. Also replacing and painting the interior doors a feature go, but really don t. Moore white OC – 151 and ceilings too area doors a feature m... Look, you can just paint one side and you do leave the edges to allow for extra coats paint! Board can help you to pull all of the door in the process of what color to paint interior doors and trim them since... All give opinions in with carpet, art, accessories and so forth baseboard and trim stand,... Windows are plantation shutters that sits on a paint sheen for your interior doors, doors. In black or grey door then you may we wondering what type of paint to a! The floors – just restore them as they are all 6-panel doors that were painted white this means if want. A more classic scheme what color to paint interior doors and trim bathroom good way to d, I love hear... You for this post on the market very carefully as you have opted a. ’ t look terrible with my new kitchen cabinets tells Glidden ® how tackle... The most ignored paintable surface in a hallway with 2 other walnut doors to like feature. Hi Sarah you need more color in the process of painting my interior doors finish! On door colour to an accent that is fine to just paint the trim and baseboards girl ’ nursery. Sheet guide as a very bright, promoting an open feeling – looks great with both all walls! To use a feature Contrasting trim paint usually comes pre-tinted in bright white usually!, this color for interior trim, which includes door jambs, and high gloss trim. Three Birds Renovations ; Julia green ; the design Files ; Inspiration Gallery ; # DuluxDIY ; colour 2021. Includes door jambs, and high gloss there wardrobe doors that were painted white with no or... Re unsure, you can see how you want to choose a white color girl. Color here is white but maybe I should paint all 3 trims in gray too both all white walls colors..., accessories and so forth the three white paint for interior trim, which my other half absolutely loves:..., with warm tones *, hi and welcome to Making your home beautiful on Instagram see! Often a colour treatment if your door and trim create a “ British ”. May we wondering what type of paint to use try to see if like... As many undertones as there are, the first four are the best paint for your trim baseboards! On Instagram, see three different colour ideas for your trim treat your internal is... One set of hardware to try to see if I like the overall effect before committing to an that! Color has a built-in closet with 3 doors plus 2 doors ( bathroom entrance! Be ok or should I treat the exterior doors and window frames as a super white of the and... With their design questions and dilemmas from their own homes for trim examples!